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General overhaul of used deep-hole drilling machines

For absolute cost efficiency and best performance at the same time we buy used deep-hole drilling machines, overhaule them completely and equip them with a new CNC control to make them adequate to the latest state of technology.

All machines are very easy to program and to operate, e.g. regarding feed motion or cutting velocity of the driller. All operation displays are contained in the control. The complete drilling procedure is monitored continuously.

You receive from our area machine trade machines with BTA and single lip drilling systems for single or multiple processing: BTA machines (Boring and Trepanning Association) / STS (Singe Tupe System) are suitable for greater drilling dimensions, single lip driller systems are appropriate for smaller diameters.

If it is the wish of a customer we redesign deep-hole drilling machines with their own steel construction by considering the desired drilling performance and drilling properties, also completely new. Of course you will receive the statutory warranty from us.


Current sales

Selection from our deep hole drilling program

Type TBM 40-2-2000 So Type TBM 40-2-2000 So

Type TBM 40-2-2000 So

  • gun drill boring range: 5-30 mm
  • bta station boring range: 20-45 mm
  • max. boring depth: 2000 mm
Type TBM 200-6000

Type TBM 200-6000

  • max. solid drilling: 200 mm
  • max. counter boring: 400 mm
  • max. boring depth: 6000 mm
Type TBM 20-4-700

Type TBM 20-4-700

  • boring range: 5-15 mm
  • max. boring depth: 700 mm
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