Our spacious machinery environment with more than 40 modern deep-hole drilling machines, turning machines and milling machines qualify us to process aluminum, steel or steel alloys, copper, brass, Inconel, titanium, Inox and plastics. We offer deep-hole drillings in the following areas:

  • Boring up from D200 mm until D400 mm
  • Deep-hole drilling into solid matter from D0.5 mm until D 200 mm
  • Deep-hole drilling according to the single lip drill technology from D0,5 mm until D40 mm for a depth up to 4000 mm
  • Deep-hole drilling according to the BTA technology for D20 mm until D220 mm for a depth up to 4000 mm
  • Weight: until 10t
  • Maximum dimension: l = 4000mm x b = 3000 mm x h = 1000 mm
  • Round parts: l = 6000mm with diameter 500 mm
  • The processing is possible from either one or 2 sides

Through our long-term experience in the area of deep-hole drilling we process rollers, godets, shafts, casings, gear wheels, cylinders, tubes, sleeves, plates, clamping pieces, plunger rods and hydraulic pipes. Since 25 years we drill in single or series production for customers from branches of medicine technology, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, turbine engineering, automotive industry, paper industry, plastic industry, hydraulic industry, shipping industry, petrochemistry and power plant industry, which we can consider as first-grade supplier to our long-term customers.

For our customers from the whole world we like to conduct service tests for deep-hole drilling of special work pieces. Also our service comprises further processing of your work pieces. For this task we work together with certified partner companies in the fields of honing, grinding and tempering as well as functional logistics for ensuring delivery at any time. Discipline and responsibility towards our customers is most important for us and our long-standing experience will guarantee you a competent performance and content customers.