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SFT Tiefbohrzentrum

Precise deep-hole drilling and construction of suitable drilling machines

With our technical know-how, the use of the most advanced technologies and highly skilled employees, we are a reliable partner to major industrial companies all over the world.

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We produce cost effective and in reliable production the most difficult deep-hole drilling tasks according to the single lip drilling and BTA technologies.

Our factory consists of modern CNC deep-hole drilling machines with control made by us. By using high-quality deep-hole drilling tools, we perform high-precision drilling which permit boring tolerances until IT9 depending on the material and the method to be used. We are your specialist for processing complex work pieces made of steel, steel alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastics and other metals also for centric and cubic holes. For the best processing of your orders, we work together with reliable partners for several years and offer additional services (manufacturing in customers’ operation) and rapid manufacturing. In addition, prototypes can be designed and manufactured to your specifications and our participation.

Perfection – also in the construction of deep-hole drilling machines:

We act just as precisely in the construction of deep-hole drilling machines. In our second factory in Kohlberg, Germany, we overhaul used deep-hole drilling machines and bring them with new, easy-to-use CNC control on the latest state of technology.

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Engineering of deep hole drilling machines:

We construct new deep-hole drilling machines. With many years of experience since 1981, our products are characterized by safety and reliability, always after the latest statutory VDI guidelines from Germany. In order to ensure this even after the purchase, all our machines carry the CE conformity mark and a 2 years warranty. In addition, we offer complete solutions for deep-hole drilling systems, consisting of deep-hole drilling machines, tanks, filters and pumps for the cooling lubrication system and the removal of chips. Inform yourself on our website about our spectrum of services.If you are interested please call us or contact us via the contact pad. We are always there for you!

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