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SFT Tiefbohrzentrum

SFT GmbH Deep drilling centre:
Here everything turns on precision

Using CNC controlled machines, we manufacture precision parts from aluminium, any type of steel, copper, brass, Inconel, titanium, stainless steel and plastics and also from a wide variety of plastics.

We can process turned parts with a maximum diameter of 200 mm and a maximum turning length of 800 mm. On our lathes with cross slides we can machine workpieces with a diameter of up to 450 mm. Lengthwise, turned parts can be machined with a maximum turning length of 2000 mm and a maximum turning diameter of 730 mm.

The following turning processes are possible:

  • Cylindrical turning - the result is the lateral surface of a cylinder
  • Face turning - the result is the base area of a cylinder, ie: a flat surface
  • Taper turning - the result is the lateral surface of a cone
  • Thread turning - the result is surfaces along a helical line
  • Profiling - the shape of the tool is transferred to the workpiece, for example to round corners with a quadrant-shaped cutting edge
  • Contour turning - any desired, rotationally symmetrical surface is created by the chosen tool path. Contour turning can be further subdivided into:
    • Freeform turning - in this case the tool is either guided by hand placed on a support, or the two handwheels (Z and X axis) are simultaneously operated manually. To do this requires a certain amount of practice, dimensionally stable parts cannot be made this way.
    • Copy turning - in this case the shape of a pattern is electronically or mechanically scanned and transferred to the tool and thus to the workpiece.
    • CNC turning - the tool path is controlled by a program from a computer.
  • Out-of-round turning - the result is surfaces that are not rotationally symmetrical, for example, the hexagonal head of a bolt
  • Recessing - producing open surfaces, for example, on a blank.

We turn your requirements into reality - from design to complete order processing

We will be pleased to provide you with assistance while you are developing parts. Thanks to its experience and the most advanced software, our design department can handle even the most demanding tasks in a very short time.

We manufacture prototypes on the basis of drawings or samples, as well as series production of turned parts with tolerances within a hundredth of a millimetre. As an established contract manufacturer with 3-shift operation, we can quickly manufacture batch sizes of up to 5000 pieces.

Our customers include companies from very different sectors and the most demanding industries: for example, medical technology, mechanical engineering, the automotive, plastics and shipping industries. For years they have appreciated our consistent quality, rapid execution of orders and our wide-ranging know-how.

When it comes to machining, we offer our customers not only high-quality processing of their parts under contract, but also put a complete package together for them:

With our deep hole drilling, turning and milling services, we combine all metal removal services. We offer our customers complete processing of an order from one single source.

This way, individual steps can be effectively coordinated and, to a degree, be performed in parallel. This is how we ensure cost efficiency and absolute certainty of meeting delivery dates with the shortest production times.

SFT Tiefbohrzentrum