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drilling machines

Construction and retrofit of deep hole drilling machines

We overhaul used deep hole drilling machines!
These are like new – refurbished!

For absolute cost efficiency with the best performance at the same time, we buy used deep hole drilling machines, overhaul them completely, provide them with a new CNC control and thus bring them up to the state of the art.

All machines are very easy to program and operate, e.g. according to feed or cutting speed of the drill. All performance indicators are included in the controller. Alle Leistungsanzeigen sind in der Steuerung enthalten. The entire drilling process is continuously monitored.

In our machine trade area, you can obtain machines with BTA and ELB systems for single or multi-spindle machining: BTA machines (Boring and Trepanning Association) / STS (Singe Tupe System) are for larger drilling diameters, ELB single-lip drilling systems for smaller ones suitable diameter.

Are you interested in a deep hole drilling machine or simply have a quick question?

Don’t be afraid and feel free to call us.

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